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Amber scents, formerly refered to as Oriental,  are often warm, sweet, or even spicy. This luxurious scent family varies from floral amber, soft amber, and woody amber. Scents in this family are rich and sensual, often comprised of notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, and tonka, alongside the likes of jasmine, orchid, or orange blossom.

When you think of Amber scents, think herbs and spices, or dry , powdery resin notes. Both opulent and heady, those notes are often paired with sweet notes.


Gourmand scents are often recognized by their sweet, succulent, edible notes. They may incorporate notes such as chocolate, vanilla, caramel, or fresh cream for savory combinations.

Fresh Amber scents are cooler, softer spice notes such as cardamom, coriander, and saffron.

Warm Amber scents are powerful and heated notes like cinnamon, ginger, or anise.

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