3 Proven Tips on Overcoming “Winter Blues”

Written by Joy Roberts, of Let's Talk Joy

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3 Proven Tips on Overcoming “Winter Blues”

Have you ever noticed that towards the end of the year you tend to feel a little down?  Whether the “winter blues” is due to the change of weather, getting trapped in memories of “what if”,  or the inner critic judging your performance of the year; a lot of people experience SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  SAD aka major depressive disorder with seasonal pattern is the official term(s) for what is commonly known as “seasonal depression” or “winter blues”.

Some may struggle with seasonal depression during any seasonal shift - Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.  It’s most commonly experienced in the winter months. Ironically, so is Joy…Tis the season. How can two extreme moods be prevalent at the same time of year? Is joy only available for those with loved ones or financial abundance? Or is the holiday cheer simply society collectively giving ourselves permission to smile. More importantly, can you experience a little more cheer and less gloom even if you are alone or on a budget? 

Tapping into your 5 senses is the most effective way of getting out of your head and into the moment. Moreover, the quickest way to shift your mood is through your sense of SMELL! 

Unlike other senses, your sense of smell is directly associated with emotions and memories. When you use your sense of smell the scent is pushed back to your amygdala and hippocampus through the olfactory nerve. This is why people can remember scents vividly when an event is experienced with strong emotions. Go ahead and try it… What does Christmas smell like? Can you recall any scents from your last vacation, or is there a certain scent you associate with your ex?

Now that you've created a basic level of awareness of how this works, I will now share 3 ways you can implement scents or aromatherapy to rid yourself of the winter blues.


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1. Set the mood for your safe space.  Whether you are using candles, wax melts, or a diffuser, knowing what scents create joy and peace for you is important in ensuring that every corner of your home is full of that emotion. This will work for you even when you don't have the energy to do anything else. Imagine waking up to the smell of sweet potato pie just like mom used to make or  entering your home after a stressful day and being immediately greeted with the fragrance of the rainforest.


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2. Roll on essential oils are perfect for people on the go. These aromatics are great because they can be inhaled or rolled onto the skin to heal on a molecular level. Whether you are stressed out over the traffic or you are sitting in a gathering that overwhelms you;  roll on options are the best  go to options  that can help immediately shift your mood so you can get through those tough moments.


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3. Combine scent with physical touch by utilizing massage oils. Giving yourself extra care after a nice shower by providing a self massage or receiving a massage from a professional or loved one works wonders for lifting your spirits. The combination of physical touch and aromatics is one of the oldest practices in the realm of stress relief.

Aromatherapy may seem like a simple solution and it is. That's because little things combined with intention can have a major impact. This is a good rule of thumb when utilizing scented products as well. A little goes a long way.

Once you identify what you desire to feel and how your body registers that scent you are one step closer to feeling like yourself again.

For those who need a bit more support with identifying what scent makes you tick or want a more unique smell, a Scent Mixologist like The Scented Vine would be a great resource for you. And for those who are on the journey of self discovery and introspective work for a deeper level of healing check out my Discover Me Program

Authored by Joy Roberts of Let's Talk Joy

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