About Us


Purpose. Passion. People.


Wait...You changed your name?!

Yes! Thank you for noticing. So here's what happened...

During the summer of 2021, I got serious about protecting the business I had built. I finally got off my hands and decided to trademark The Common Scents Co. Imagine my "joy" when I discovered that a company on the other side of the country had already been using and protecting a very similar name since 2014! *face palm* 
Everything…and I mean EVERYTHING with that branding had to go. Labels, promo, website, social media, products, email - ALLUHIT (Gullah to English translation "All of it"). The list of things bearing that name didn't seem to stop. But none of it belonged to me. And I'm not in the business of holding something that belongs to someone else. 
Then one of the wisest people I know, my mama, told me "God honors efforts, not excuses". I had every right to be upset with myself and feel defeated but what would that do? What purpose would that serve? What would I get accomplished if I wrapped myself in my feelings and sat down in defeat? Here's a hint: Not a daggone thing! So it was time to WORK! 
I got into my quiet place, asked God which direction I needed to go in, and He told me three things:
  1. Go back to why you started
  2. Focus on what you're doing
  3. Look ahead to where you're going


Bet, boom. And then it happened…the evolution started. Purpose. Passion. People. 

Instead of being known as simply a candle company, The Scented Vine is now a scent shoppe. Our focus is now on hand-blending safe, highly scented oils and then using those oils to make a buffet of amazing products! We still have candles, diffusers, melts, and sprays but now you'll fall in love with shower steamers, body roll-ons, incense, massage oil, bath salts, and plenty of other things to tantalize your olfactory senses. Enjoy!


The Story Behind The Brand

The entire vision for this brand can be simplified into one word - connection. The reason we started, what we currently do, and where we hope to be in the future all revolve around connections.


Connection to my purpose...

When I quit my 9-5, my prayer was that I wanted to do and create something where I could be fruitful. I was tired of being busy with nothing to show for it. At the perfect time, God showed me John 15. He reminded me that He is the true vine and I am the branch. As long as I remain connected to Him and He to me then I will be fruitful and produce much fruit.


Connecting the world...

It can be argued that your sense of smell is your strongest sense. Your nose connects you to the world around you and to the world inside of you. The right scent builds a bridge to other times and places, and connects us to memories tucked neatly in the corners of our mind. We create scents that evoke your emotions, engage your memories, and encourage you to experience new things. 


Connecting Black women...

Black women are the backbone that support our society. Black women have sustained and supported entire communities with little to no reciprocity. The platform built by this brand will create a network of connections that will provide access to resources that Black women in business will need to flourish and be fruitful. 


The Maker

Welcome to my shop! My name is Amber. I'm a wife, a mommy, and the Scent Mixologist behind The Scented Vine. Simply put I'm a Geechie girl from Savannah, GA (C-Port) that had the audacity to lean on her faith in God, jump from the plane, and crash land into entrepreneurship. From this leap of faith, The Scented Vine took root.