Earn Rewards


Getting free stuff when you shop is the best, right? We want to show how much we appreciate you by giving you rewards every time you shop with us. Make a purchase - you get points! Have a birthday - you get points! Share us on your social media - you get points! Refer a friend to shop with us - You both get $5 to spend AND you get points!


Ways to Earn Rewards

Tell Your Friends and Earn RewardsSpend Your Rewards

So, Here's the Fine Print (written in a very readable and nicely sized font):

  • Points can't be transferred to another customer. They're YOURS. Enjoy them!
  • You can't go back in time and add points for purchases made prior to when the rewards program started.
  • You must use the same account every time to properly earn and redeem points.
  • Points cannot be retroactively earned or applied if you forget to log in or forget to redeem them at the time of checkout. 
  • There may be certain items that cannot be purchased with points.


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