5 Ways to Fight Allergy Symptoms Using Scent

If you're anything like me, then even the thought of going outside is making your eyes itch and your chest get a little tighter. You’re looking forward to warmer temperatures and spring festivals but dreading the yellow dust storm of death waiting for you outside. Pollen: The NEW yellow fever! Ok, that may be a bit drastic but when you suffer from allergy symptoms then you definitely understand.

Scented oils can be used as an alternative or complementary treatment for allergy symptoms. Essential oils are derived from plants and can be used in a variety of ways. Popular ways to use essential oils include:

  • diffusing them into the air
  • using them in bath and spa products
  • applying them to the skin when diluted
  • spraying them into the air
  • breathing them in directly from the container

Using Essential Oils to fight allergies

Breathing in the oils’ scents is known as aromatherapy. This practice stimulates your body through your sense of smell. What you smell can affect other parts of your body.

Rolling On Oil

Just like with aromatherapy, applying the oils to your body results in them entering your bloodstream. Apply an Aromatherapy Roll-on to your pulse points to instantly feel the effects.

If you’d like to incorporate essential oils into your life to relieve allergy symptoms, here are a few scents you might want to try.

 Scents for Allergies

Other Great Scents for Allergy Aromatherapy

  • Peppermint (Blend into hot water for a decongesting vapor treatment)
  • Tea Tree (Blend into hot water to clear blocked nasal passages)

Always keep in mind:

  • Your skin may be sensitive to certain oils. Use caution when testing out new products on your skin.
  • Never ingest oils.
  • Use caution when using oils around breastfeeding parents and young children.

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