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Scent marketing allows you to connect with your customer on an emotional level to make your brand's experience powerful and memorable. This form of marketing is much deeper than having a nice fragrance for your customers to enjoy. Incorporating a signature scent into your brand enhances your customer's experience and therefore creates a bond between you and your customer.


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Neuromarketing studies have shown that our sense of smell affects 75% of our daily emotions and plays a significant role in our memory. This is because whenever we smell something, that sensory information goes directly to the Olfactory Bulb in our brain. This "scent factory" is directly connected to our limbic system which is where our memories, perceptions, and emotions are processed. Because of this direct path, this means that smell is the only sense that doesn't have to be processed or interpreted. It's also the reason that scent marketing is so powerful. It can influence a customer’s emotional state and mood, thus influencing their buying habits. 


We will help your brand determine how to best reach your ideal audience using scent, so that you can create the desired mood, impression or effect for your customers. Similar to how a good song or melody can have a long-term impact on the listener, so can a thoughtfully crafted scent.


We Work With You To:

- Examine your brand identity, principles, and objectives
- Identify your message and target audience
- Develop a custom scent tailored to your brand's unique story
- Deliver and incorporate the best scent and scent delivery systems


 Benefits of Scent Marketing



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